The oldest Ashkenazic congregation in continuous use in America!

Founded by immigrant Polish and Prussian Jews, our congregation was strengthened by waves of Eastern European arrivals who found their way to Charleston, South Carolina throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries.

Today, we invite you to discover Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue. Located in Historic Charleston, among centuries old antebellum homes and architecture, we are proud to be a vital part of one of America’s most loved and best-preserved cities.

Our members include an active cadre of professionals, modern businessmen and women, and a growing number of young families. Unified by respect for the continuity of tradition and a desire to grow Jewishly, our congregants represent the broad spectrum of personal religious observance.

Whether for a short visit or a new lifestyle, you owe it to yourself to experience Historic Charleston and Brith Sholom Beth Israel. Hopefully you too will discover the warmth and passion that has preserved our orthodox community as we are in the 21st Century and over 150 years of Southern Orthodox Judaism.


Your membership or donation to BSBI Synagogue is an investment in the continued existence of Southern Orthodox Judaism.